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  • Private Shuttle Service: There are many private shuttle providers in the country that operate on request, most of them operate with vans, nevertheless, there are more luxurious options such as SUVs and limousines.


  • Car Rental: Rental cars are available from international and local companies, from small compact cars to luxury SUVs.


  • Golf Carts: If you are staying inside a resort, you can rent a golf cart to drive around inside the different facilities inside the properties, some resorts even offer exclusive roads for golf carts and bikes. 

  • Bicycle Rental: Bicycles of every type are available to rent, which is one of the most economical options to get around as they are typically under US$30 per day. 

  • Private Driver: For ultimate freedom and comfort, you can hire a driver and a car to be available during the day, this service is available under a daily fee. 

If you need any assistance booking any of this service please let us know and we will be glad to help you.

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